AECT 100: Reflections and Transformations
The AECT International Convention brings together educational researchers and practitioners interested in learning design, performance improvement, and educational uses of technology. Join us as we share and learn about recent research and evidence-based best practices and engage in professional networking.

Working in and around technology, where every year the newest gadgets are smaller and faster and more powerful and less expensive, it can be difficult to stay oriented toward our north star of student learning. This year's convention focuses on this central question: How does my work impact student learning?
Meet the researchers who “wrote the book” on instructional design. Put the big ideas into your research and practice.
Network. Learn. Reconnect.
DoubleTree Universal Orlando, Florida & Virtual
October 16–20, 2023
“I’m working on mobile learning for out-of-school students in Nigeria. The audience was very encouraging when I presented my work. I’ve been learning a lot at the convention about online teaching and learning and about instructional design from leaders in the field. I’ve also connected with grad students from all over and it encourages you that you’re not alone in your journey.”

Olaican Kushimo
Oklahoma State University

Join us for the AECT23 Convention!
In-person and virtual options available.
“AECT has been the academic home for me. AECT has helped me connect with leaders in
the field and I’ve continued to grow as a scholar and researcher. I’ve moved from grad student to tenured professor and now department chair. I advise others to: join in, dive in, power on.”

Xiaojun (June) Chen
St. John’s University

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